Photos added to submissions from the web aren't showing on my PDF



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    Hi Toby,

    Thanks for reaching out. To be honest - at first you had me stumped! But I did some investigating and I found the source of the issue: These photo fields are conditional, and the conditions weren't met when the submission was originally filled out. 

    When you're editing on web (versus on mobile) essentially you're pasting data into the backend. If that field exists within the pdf already then the data will appear. However, if the field doesn't 'exist' (as with an unfulfilled condition) then there's nowhere in the pdf for it to populate. 

    So, as you said, the data is basically there, just not visible. 

    As far as a solution goes for this issue: The simplest would be to remove the conditions on the photos (and just not make them required in case they are not needed). 
    If that's not feasible or desirable, you could also consider using mobile editing to make these changes (mobile editing can be performed on the Window's desktop app as well if you prefer to work on the computer). The only catch with that is that mobile editing occurs on a user by user basis. (So, only the original submitter can edit on mobile). 

    Of course, I also remind everyone that submission editing will only influence the pdf if the submission was from the current version of the published app (so that's something to keep in mind as well for the future). 

    Let me know if you have any questions about this. Have a great day!

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