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Does it matter what versions a user is submitting under when using the PDF designer?



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    Hello Ashley,


    Great question- it does!  When you are editing the PDF designer for an app, it only pertains to that version of the app that you are editing.  If you have a pending version, that PDF design will apply to the app once you publish it, but not the app that is currently "live".  

    So for example, suppose I have version 3 of my app published, with no pending version.  I go in and edit my PDF- the changes I make to my PDF will then apply to any submission made on version 3 of the app;  this also applies to submissions the technicians are still in the process of making.  If I'm one of your technicians and I've started a submission but haven't finished it on version 3, and you edit the PDF while I'm filling out the submission, if you save that PDF before I'm done, when I submit my PDF will be the new one you've saved.

    Alternatively, if you make changes to the app, save them to put it into pending mode, then the PDF changes will then only apply to the upcoming version of the app.

    Hope this clears things up!

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