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    Hi Toby,

    1. If the App/Form is simply unassigned from that user prior to sync: the user can fill out a submission with no issue. After syncing, the app will disappear (unless they have any saved submissions or dispatches, handoffs, etc that still need to be actioned or deleted/unassigned). They can upload any saved content they have as well. Once there is no saved content and the app has been synced, it will disappear. That said, if they sync between that first submission, they won't be able to start a second new submission (because the app knows that it has been unassigned, but assumes you don't want to lose data collected by your users).

    If the form is actually retired, the user will have the same experience as if it were unassigned.

    2. If a newer version is published: the app would let them fill out one more submission of the previous version, upon syncing the ability to create a new one from the old version would disappear (even if they have saved submissions). They would still be able to fulfill their saved submissions on the previous version. Once all of those have been submitted, the old version would disappear. The technical status of an old version of an app build is 'retired' which means the new version gets stacked on top of the old.

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