Question about headers for conditional fields in the pdf designer


I have a PDF which I’ve set to make all content on the page conditional to content being present. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to make the section name at the top of the pages hidden and not shown. Is there a way this can be done?



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    While you can't make a screen header itself conditional, there is a way to fake it with this work around:

    1. Create a Static text field in your app with the conditions appropriate to your desire for the header (you can even make this invisible on mobile by unchecking the "visible on mobile" box under the 'more' menu for that field in the app builder. Save your changes. 
    2. Switch over to the PDF designer, and delete the screen header that is automatically present. Then, add this field into the design above the other conditional fields. 
    3. Use the field elements/settings to adjust the size, color, and highlighting of this static text field. 

    You'll find you can mimic the native headers perfectly, but they obey your field conditions (note, for these you'd have to use actual field conditions, as opposed to ('if value is present' settings). 

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