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    While you don't have to be an admin to pull submissions from BI, there are still some limitations to using BI.

    As a rule of thumb,  Business insights imitates the functionality a user would see online, with a few exceptions,  so a user role would be able to use BI but only be able to download the submissions that they would normally access.  The limitation really arises once you start using departments-  BI is only able to download submissions that are tied to the user's default department, so regardless of a user being assigned to different departments, BI would only be able to download submissions that are tied to the department defined as the default under the user's profile.  If you are using departments, this might explain why you have a company reporter who isn't able to download specific submissions, because they may have a default department that doesn't "house" the submissions they are trying to pull. Regardless of permission level, a user will always be limited to what they have set as their default department.

    Good news though! We're currently working on changing (fixing) this functionality, and are testing this internally.

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