A user is having to retype data because his info keeps disappearing



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    To confirm, is the service tech using our save feature in our app? The way our app works is, as long as you are in our app, the data you are working on is stored in the RAM memory because you are making edits to the data constantly as you are going through your submission. The app has an auto save feature, but it only auto saves as you go from screen to screen in the app. It doesn't auto save if you close out of the app for an extended period of time. 

    If the user in question is going through the app, and then closes gocanvas to work on something else on their phone/tablet, and then comes back to our app, if the operating system realized that the app was no longer being used, or needed to give RAM to another app that was more presently being used, then the app will close our app, thus your data would not be saved. All the user would need to do in this situation is, if they know they are going to be leaving the app for an extended period of time, have them click the 3 dotted line button at the top right of our app when working on a submission. On that dropdown, there is a "save" button and you can save and continue or save and close. Once you perform this save, the app is safe to be left unattended because your data has been saved even if the app gets closed. 

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