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I am trying to install the GoCanvas app in a Remote Desktop Server environment. A typical installation has been performed, but only one user can open the application at a time. The login information is also saved from the last user. Am I doing something wrong or is this intentional? 



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  • Hi Sara,

    GoCanvas App is currently not designed to function in a Remote Desktop Server environment. This is due to where the folder is stored that stores the app data. Basically, if one user logs in, another user can't login on the same environment with different login credentials because the app will have the old user's data stored. This is similar to if you were passing around a tablet with someone logged in. You can't login as more than one person at one time because the folder on the server or the tablet in the example is a single shared folder.

    Currently, we do not have a workaround. We do have a GoCanvas App for Windows 10 operation system. I would highly recommend adding comments for this request on our feature request page here:


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