How do I create page breaks in the PDF designer


I have a multiple screen app and I have set each screen to create a page break but this does not happen in the PDF. How do I create page breaks in the PDF editor? Thanks



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    Hi Joe,

    We do have an option called 'Page Break' within PDF Designer which forces information to be entered on a new page of the PDF.
    Steps to action this is:
    1. Navigate to PDF Designer
    2. Click on the 'Four square' on the left menu called 'Elements'
    3. Click on the 'Page Break' icon and drag the option to your PDF design. You should see a solid, blue line appear under the section where you would like to force additional information to appear on a new page.

    In addition, you can delete page breaks by clicking on the 'Delete Page Break' icon when between pages in the PDF Designer.

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