Repeating data from the last submission in a new submission


I have my app working the way I want it, but I have a question. 

I use the same info over and over: the same day, in the same place, with a lot of same data repeated. Is there a way to set up the form so that once it is saved and set, it will show the previous information exactly on my next submission? 



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  • You can get this to happen by using Remember and Recall.  Depending on what device you are using to fill out the submission, the function is up by the top left corner (where you can also save a submission). When you select remember, you can select what fields you would like to save.  The next time you start a submission, you can select recall and choose what fields you want to fill in.

    Hope this helps!

  • Thanks Ashley!

    As a note, Remember and Recall can work across apps, too.  

    So if you enter data into one app and need to enter it again in another app, you can do that.  You just have to make sure the field labels are the same in each app.   

  • Thank you so much Ashley and Jason! I can see that these are two different things. Is there a difference between remember and recall? Which one should I use here?

  • You are welcome!  You will actually be using both.  Once you fill out the fields you are wanting to have saved, you will first use the remember function.  Then the next time you go into an app and want to pull back the saved info, you will then use the recall function.

    I hope that makes sense.

  • I think so. I'll give it a shot and see. Thanks!

  • I have a similar question. Hypothetically, i conduct inspection for every individual room in a restaurant and use the same app with same fields/questions. I know recall and remember works for text/dropdowns etc.

    But my question is, i have a set of safety documentS to be captured as an image and be using it for every inspection(its not static image, changes for every restaurant). Can i really do this with the recall feature? or are there any workarounds to achieve this?

  • Hi Sridhar,

    Is it an image you're taking when you get to each restaurant, or is it an image you have beforehand but there's a different one for each restaurant? Either way, I don't think Recall is going to get you what you're looking for, but let me know and I'll brainstorm some ideas. 




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