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I have a static text field in my App. When I add that field to the PDF Designer, I get a kind of weird output. Basically, whenever I start a new paragraph, instead of getting the break, I get \n. How can I fix this?



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  • Hi Sara,

    This happens because static text fields that you created in the App Builder itself have carriage returns and will be applied on the pdf output.

    What I mean by this is, you have following text within static field:
    Line 1: text <enter>
    Line 2: text <enter>
    Line 3: text <enter>

    (when you go to the next line, that creates a carriage return, which the PDF designer sees as /n)

    Instead of using a static text field from your app and inserting it onto the pdf designer, in the pdf designer itself, add a static text element and paste the text you want to appear with your carriage returns, it should work.
    Check out our help topic that goes over adding static text and other elements in the PDF designer for more information:


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