How to randomize choices automatically



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    At this time, this is not a feature we offer through our platform. You can certainly have a dropdown list of choices, but you can't make it randomize every time you login. 

    What you could do is create a few conditional fields in the app. That way, the user can do something such as choose maybe as an example, a field that asks them to enter 1, 2, or 3, and based on which one they choose, one field shows up, and if they choose another option instead, another field shows up. This way, you can make it so if there were choices ABC, if you enter one, a dropdown field with them in order of A, B, C would appear, but if you enter 2, then it would do something like B, A, C, and if you choose 3, then it would be C, B, A or something like that. It's not random, but the user may not know that. 

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