Can I do recurring dispatches?




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    So, there's no automatic way to copy a dispatch to a different date on the calendar, but there is a pretty simple work around if you would like to schedule repeating dispatches pretty far in advance (monthly, quarterly, etc.). 

    1. Create the first scheduled dispatch so that it appears on the dispatch calendar, confirm it is present on the Dispatch Calendar.
    2. Exit the dispatch calendar to the dispatch manager. Check the box next to the dispatch you just made, and then select "copy" from the options above. 
    3. Click on the copy, and elect to edit. Edit the 'scheduled at' time. This will move it on the calendar to when you want it to show up.

    Please let me know if you have any questions, and have a wonderful day!

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    Nathan H

    Here's a feature request similar to this if you are interested in voting it up


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