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    Hi Sara,

    This is a great question. The most common cause for this error is a required field that is set to not be visible on mobile (so, the field is present, and required, but the user is unable to answer/fulfill the field, so the validation error occurs. To check, launch the app in the GoCanvas app builder, and navigate to the screen that the error is occurring on. If the field is set to invisible, there will be a faint blue outline around the field. The checkbox for "visible on mobile" is located under the "More" menu under "Field Settings". 

    Let us know if you have any questions!

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    Jeremiah Rogers

    What if the box is mobile visible?  


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    Chip Phillips, Community Manager

    Howdy Jeremiah,

    If the field is set to Mobile Visible and Required, then it should return a notification to provide a valid input if the user leaves the field blank and tries to proceed to the next screen:

    If your user has completed all required fields on a screen, but they are still receiving a "Validation error: input is required" message, we would advise submitting a ticket to our Support team, so they can troubleshoot the matter.

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