Building apps with different languages


Can I create an app that supports multiple languages?



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  • Amy, one way that I've achieved this is using conditional fields. The user would first select the language from a multiple choice or dropdown field, then the remaining fields would appear based on the language selected. You'd have to add duplicate fields essentially, just in different languages. Then for the PDF you can set it so that they are only visible when something is entered. I think the fields on the PDF might be conditional and not appear if nothing is there already though...?


    Hope that makes sense!

  • Hi Danielle,

    This is a great solution, and exactly what I would have suggested! You're correct, conditional fields won't show up on the PDF designer unless the condition is met.  That said, I'd definitely recommend using conditional fields (as opposed to having a separate conditional screen for each language) because the header for each conditional screen will still show up in the PDF. But, if you do conditional fields under the same screen, it'll be a non-issue. 

    Thanks so much for providing such great insight! 

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