• Hi Norbert,

    Thanks for your request! I'm going to go ahead and change the title to make it so that folks will know to come in and vote. Welcome to the Community!

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    Glen OBrien

    Is this feature available yet?

  • Hi Glen,

    Integrating though the build-in Google Integration does not allow for connecting to Google Team Drive. However, I believe (but can't test, because we don't have it internally) that you can do it through Zapier. I'm trying to confirm that with Zapier and will let you know what I hear back from them. 

  • Bad news from Zapier: while they're working on integrating with Team Drive (and it may show up for some people as part of their testing process), it isn't officially released. I think some people internally have used it through that testing process, but it's not universally available at this point (and they couldn't give me a time frame for that). I'm on the list to get informed when it is released, and I'll update here when that happens. Thanks!

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    Danielle Thompson

    Thank you SO much for the update! I've asked them a few times about this. Definitely please let us know when it's released!

  • Short wait for good news from Zapier: this is now rolled out to everyone, with most triggers available. According to Zapier, there are a few situations/limitations that are waiting for a fix/update by Google, so that they can fully enable Team Drive support within all of the triggers.

    If someone tries this out, definitely let us know how it goes!

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