Export PDFs with name set to unique submission ID via Dropbox/Google Drive integration

The Submissions API allows you to query submissions via Submission ID which appears to be a unique ID generated by GoCanvas for every submission regardless of form. However, there's currently no way to set the file name to be the Submission ID. The ask here is that you guys setup an option for us to name the PDF files based upon the submission ID in addition to the other naming options we  have. From a scripting standpoint it would be easiest if part of the filename GoCanvas uses for the PDFs was the SubmissionID noted in the XML file below. This is NOT a default option in GoCanvas. Ideally we’d want the file name to be something like: <submissionID>_<formID>.pdf. For example: 47525897_2273148.PDF



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  • Yes, I have the same problem in naming the submission part.

  • Can we resubmit this sucker and get it!

  • Hey Garrett,

    So this is currently not available because the only way to influence the name of submission is with Place Value In within the app builder. This can be applied to a field value because it will be generated before the submission is finished. The submissions number is only generated after the submission is complete. I can add this request to my list and see if there are any plans to allow for generating the submission name after the submission number or changing the name of a submission after it's complete.

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