Would LOVE a reporting dashboard per app with charts, graphs, etc.



  • Hi Danielle,

    This is a great question and hope others will chime in. I do know that around here we integrate to Google Sheets a lot, because it's highly visible (don't need the GoCanvas account, can share to pretty much anyone) and can do a lot. There's also a lot you can do with additional external platforms once the data is in a sheet. Here's just an example of something one of our Customer Success Managers did with some workflow data: 

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    Danielle Thompson

    Hey Sara, thank you! I actually use Google Sheets quite a lot as well. I created several graphs that pull data from a few different workbooks, the only downside is that the formatting doesn't look the same when you share the link or embed the sheet in an iframe. 

    To explain it a bit more...

    A LOT of our submissions feed various Google Spreadsheet with some pretty crazy calculations (formulas). I'm looking to report all of the data visually and have the ability to easily share the graphs without having to update them every time. One platform I recently found that seems to do this well is ClicData... that also integrates with Zapier! I just need to figure out how to bring in the data submitted from Canvas either via Google Sheets or also Zapier. If you happen to take a look at their website... something similar would be AWESOME to have directly within Canvas.

  • Hi Danielle,

    That makes total sense, thank you for the additional info :)

    One thing that we've been rolling out here is what we're calling Power BI. It's a tool that does all sorts of data manipulation (charts and graphs and math and all sorts of good stuff). It's integrated with GoCanvas, but dependent on external services. It's pretty neat (and also pretty pretty). There are costs associated with it, but it may be an option as well. Let me know if you'd like to see it in action, I can pull in someone on the team who knows a lot more than I do for a demo. 

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    Danielle Thompson

    Yes please! That would be awesome!

  • Excellent! I'll have Julia get in touch tomorrow - she's our go-to expert on Power BI. Thanks, Danielle!

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    Dave .

    Sara - are you talking about support for integration with Microsoft Power BI or another Power BI unique to GoCanvas?

  • Hi Dave,

    It is Microsoft's Power BI with our API information going into it.

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    Ricardo Alejandro Reyes

    Hi Sara. I just read this request. Is it possible to also see a demo on how to use Power BI working with GoCanvas? Thanks!


  • Hi Ricardo, 

    Definitely! I'll let your account manager know that you're interested and he can reach out to schedule something. 

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