The labels for my photos get separated from the image


I have several photo fields in my app. For some reason the photos always get separated from the field labels in the PDF. They end up on a different page. Is there anything I can do in the PDF designer to fix it? 



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    Hi Amy,

    Thanks for posting in the community! This is a great question.

    The main thing impacting spacing is that photos are being taken in portrait orientation versus landscape (the PDF designer layout accounts for landscape orientation) - a sure fire way to stop this break between the headers and photos themselves would be to add a page break before the photo section.

    I'd like to clarify that the PDF designer is not a precision tool - it has to allow for photo orientation as well as the amount of data entered into text fields, etc. 

    What I would do, is create that page break, and determine how many photos will fit comfortably within that space, and add page breaks accordingly. There are also some things you can do to further limit the photo's size (which would lead to less instances of that weird gap). You can limit the size by adding empty columns between photos. The columns will limit the width of the photo (and the length will shorten proportionally). This actually works with any type of field/section in the PDF designer, because width is static, but height is fluid. 

    That said, our custom PDF team may have some more concrete capability when it comes to forcing the photos into certain constraints. You can reach out for a quote or more information by contacting

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