Allow Outputs (Such As PDFs) To Use Reference Data Without Having To Pass The Data Through Submissions (Global Reference Data)

It would be awesome if the reporting tools and other output options could read from reference data directly without having to pass the pertinent data to the output facility via submissions.

For instance, if you need a block of text to appear on all of your outputs (even across apps), like a company tag line or Terms and Conditions for example, you could just update the corresponding reference data file and upload it.

Then have a way to call / use reference data via the PDF or other outputs to provide a way to get some dynamic text to land on the output without having to edit the output every time.  This would be great for reducing submission size and also for reducing the number of edits needed for custom PDFs, etc.



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  • This would be cool, almost like global Reference Data. Upvoted!

  • Hi Sara,

    I like your name for this:

    "Global Reference Data"

    way better than the one I chose:

    "Allow Outputs (Such As PDFs) To Use Reference Data Without Having To Pass The Data Through Submissions"

    Would you be able to rename it?

    I was being overly descriptive lol

  • I like your description! I think it's good as a summary of the feature. But how about I add global reference data in parenthesis? 

  • That works.

  • Any updates on this?  It seems like it sure would save a lot of sync time, avoid a lot of unnecessary data in the submissions, and provide some useful functionality.

  • This would still be very helpful

  • Yes, Global reference data would be great

  • Hi Nathan and Robert,

    Thank you for your continued interest in this feature. As of right now, this is not on our roadmap, but our team uses upvotes on posts to make decisions. So please be sure to upvote this post if you're interested and new to this request!


    Hazel Kral
    Sr. Customer Engagement Manager


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