Calling an app once a defect is found



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    Sara Kaplow, Community Manager

    Hi Ricardo,

    There are a couple of possible options here, depending on your inspectors' desired workflow. 

    1. Depending on the complexity/length of the NCR app, you could, instead of having a separate App, make those fields or screens conditional on finding a defect. You'd basically want a field that says "Does this item have a defect?" and if the answer is yes, it would trigger the additional screens or fields (here's some general info on conditions: 

    2. Similarly, you could use a condition to trigger a workflow (so the screen causing the workflow would be conditional on that "does this item have a defect field"). The user would workflow to themselves, fill out the screens that are currently in the NCR app, and then handoff to themselves again to finish the original app. The benefit here is that with our new workflow functionality, you could send that information in right away, while continuing with the rest of the app. Some information on that is here: 

    3. If the NCR app does need to be separate, you can use Zapier to trigger a dispatch for that App. You'd need to set up your app like in number 2, with a conditional screen based on the defect existing. That screen would trigger a Workflow (again, you could hand off to the same person, but a Workflow needs to occur). You'd create a Zap that would activate mid-Workflow: 

    Then, you'd want your Trigger to be Create a new Dispatch to that second App: 

    You'd probably want to send over some information from your first app to the second app (like the item or area that had the defect, for example) and assign it to the original user. That would mean that as soon as the Workflow happens, the user would get a notification that they have a new Dispatch to the second App, and would be able to complete that before returning to the original App. 

    That still involves going back and forth between the two, but it's a little more of an automated/directed experience. 

    Let me know if any of this is unclear or if there are pieces I can help you tweak. Thanks!

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