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  • Hi Sal,

    I'm assuming you mean in the app itself (as opposed to the PDF), is that right? Just want to verify. This is similar (but not exactly the same) as this request: 

  • YES u are correct.

  • This would be useful for adverse answers that need immediate attention

  • Sara, while Sal originally agreed with your assumption, his last comment bears greater insight.

    The ability to have conditional formatting or even just highlighting fields within the PDF (yes, standard - the designer is great and getting better, but until nested loops are supported, it's very limited) in order to call attention to specific information for the next user in the workflow, would be a great time saver.

    For Sal - in PDF Designer (as long as you're not playing with nested loops or have loops with greater than 5-6 fields) you can select individual fields and change their formatting. In this way, you could have a conditional field that, for example, if the answer to the question, "Were you under the influence when you ran the truck off the road?" had a "True" value, that a Static Text field showed up and in the PDF Designer you could have that field show up on the PDF as 48pt font in Bold with a red background.

  • Can I get a phone call on this issue.  I think I'd get a better answer if I was to demonstrate the situation. 

  • Sal, This link gives a great explanation on how to set up the PDF to show highlighted responses as long as you're using the Designer.

    Hope it helps.

  • Hi Sal,

    I converted your comment above into a Support Ticket so we could capture your phone info, but I'm going to go ahead and remove the number as we don't want your info out there for anyone to use :). That said, I think they'll probably redirect you here. 

    Darin also just comment with what the post was going to suggest you check out, which has a solution for in the PDF designer, but I'm gathering that you'd like something in the App itself, in combination with our conditional functionality that would allow someone to say, for example "Fail" and have that look visually different, whereas if something gets a "Pass" it would look normal. Does that sound about right? 


    (Edited )
  • Sara, we're also looking for that option to different colors. and with options (such as workflow etc.) in case of a fail

  • is it possible to change the background of the canvas? if yes may i ask how to change the background color of the canvas?

  • Hi Ar-jhon,

    I apologize, but it currently isn't possible to change the background color in the App Builder or in Apps themselves. Could you please tell us a little bit more about how this would impact your daily experience using GoCanvas? We appreciate hearing where ideas come from and how they can potentially benefit users like yourself.

    Thank you!

  • yes colored text is needed.

  • Hey Ted,

    I don't have an update on this feature request at this time but I will be sure to refresh the product team on the interest in this request.

  • I am planning to use GoCanvas for home inspections and it would be VERY helpful to have conditional formatting to highlight the background around text in the PDF reports to draw my clients' attention to hazardous or poor condition items. The software I used to use (but was discontinued) allowed me to highlight positive items in green, marginal items in yellow, poor items in red, and hazardous conditions in orange.
    I can imagine several use cases where being able to designate a color for specific field choices would be helpful for other GoCanvas users.

  • Hi Justin,

    There is actually a solution for what you're describing, found on this post.

    This particular request is for within the form and yours is more aligned with the request for the PDF designer. I hope this helps!


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