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A lot of my users are entering in multiple lines of texts and even paragraphs.  Proofreading and editing this text after completing is very difficult as the user is limited to the view of the size of the text box.  It would be nice if you tapped on a short text or long text field that it expanded on the screen to see all of the words/sentences that you were typing.

also, the review screen is nice to look at everything, however, it is not easy to go back and change/edit something.  It would be nice if you could push on the box/field you wanted to edit and it would take you to that exact screen or even edit the text in the review screen.

I think Canvas can do a better job or how the users are viewing the full text, scrolling, quicking moving back and forth through the forms.  Yes, I also know about the chapters view.



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  • Entering and Editing Text fields...sorry should have proofed that first

  • Updated the title for you, David :)

    This is a great suggestion for improving the end user experience. I think especially for long text fields, the ability to expand it (although it would still be limited to the size of the device, so maybe not as helpful on mobile) would make things a lot easier. 

  • Agreed.  This would be very helpful and we've wanted this for a long time as well.  I like the auto-size on tap idea (or even an auto size based on the current device in use on page load).  A lower right corner drag-to-fit handle would also be cool.

  • I see that canvas add a mobile style view for the large text field, it would be nice to have the same capabilities for short text fields for viewing, however, if I had a wish it would be the auto-size tap idea where the whole screen expands for viewing and editing text fields

  • Hi David,

    Good news! In the new releases (mobile versions 9.7+), you can now pop-out Long Text fields, which makes them a bit easier to use. Here's what that looks like in iOS: 

    To get there, you click on the arrows in the upper right-hand corner of the field (pardon the questionable arrow): 

    I'd love to hear what you think about how this is working. 



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