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    Sara Kaplow, Community Manager

    Hi John,

    You're completely right that there's no way to change the checkbox color. If you're open to having an x instead of a checkmark, there is a work-around to give you control over the color (and size). 

    For each checkbox, you'll want to add a conditional static text field with just the letter x in there. Set the condition to be based off of your actual checkbox field being true. Open up the More field settings and set this field to NOT be visible on mobile. You might also want to add a similar field that contains the title of the checkbox field (in my example, that would be "Is this complete"). 

    Here's what those conditions look like: 

    Then, in the PDF designer, pull these fields into the PDF and remove the actual checkbox field. Because they're text fields, you can control the style of the x (uncheck the Use Global Settings box in the sidebar):

    In the PDF, this is what that looks like: 

    This is similar to what Eduardo suggested here, which you might also want to use: https://help.gocanvas.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360000226627-PDF-fields-turn-color-when-a-specific-selection-is-made. 

    Hope this helps!

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    Nathan H

    If you absolutely had to have something that looks a little bit like a check mark, you might be able to use the same process that Sara outlines but hold the alt key down on your keyboard and type 251 instead of typing the X into the static text field(s).  This is actually a square root symbol but looks a lot like a check mark in most fonts.


    The same works while typing in the GoCanvas app and successfully lands on a PDF - at least when using a PC

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    AIMS System Administrator

    Sara.. Thanks for the work around.

    Those darn light blue check marks are practically invisible when you throw up the PDF on an overhead display for a presentation.

    Love the square root idea Nathan!

    A while back I had a custom app with this X fix applied and it made the rectangles look jagged with little tails hanging off them (doesn't look very nice). So much so, that I abandoned the custom app that I had paid for because I really hated the way it looked. 

    It still sucks that you have to go through all that for something as dumb as the color of a check mark. lol.

    Especially when you have an app that has lots and lots of check marks.

    I know the PDF Designer was a hijacked open source program but how hard could it possibly be for the big brains who write the code at GoCanvas to fix this? 

    Somebody told it to be blue, somebody should tell it to be black instead. Seems like such a petty thing. Definitely not a fix that should take years to implement.

    It's such a trivial thing. So I guess I can see why fixing this isn't way up on the priority list but I hope they come up with a better fix for this soon. We need more people to vote this up the priority list.

    (This light blue check block thing is making me have flashes about Microsoft Word macros for some reason..)

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    Siobhan Tabatabai

    We appreciate you sharing all of the ways the checkmark color impedes your ease-of-use with GoCanvas. We want to be conscious of accessibility in all areas of our product, so knowing this issue is encountered across multiple mediums (paper, projector) is helpful for us to consider in our design. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

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