When data is not entered in the submission there is a hole/gap in the PDF where the information should have gone if it were selected.  There should be some kind of auto re-size feature for formatting so there are not gaps in the designer PDF



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  • Hi David,


    Check out this existing community post that should answer this question:


    The reason the pdf is showing gaps is because every column (or section if there is only one column) has "padding" (which I believe is set to 8 pixels above and below the column by default) which is space that shows up on the PDF even if the field is conditional. The PDF doesn't make the padding zero when the field is conditionally not shown, so the PDF ends up showing a blank area. If you go in and set the padding of the columns to zero in the PDF designer, then no padding shows up, even if the fields are conditionally not shown. For a more detailed explanation with screenshots check out the above topic. 

  • Joe M,

    Thank you so much for the additional explanation! Always great to have clarification. 


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