Referencing A reapeated field


Is there a way to have  to get a number by referencing a repeatable field?


I want to have a total amount of old lights at location

20 CFL

20 incandescent

20 MetalHalide


each one created by the repeatable field. is there way to sum these together to get a total of 60?



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    Hi Lake,

    Great question and yes! You can summarize numbers that are in a loop screen. 

    I imagine you have your loop set up so the key field is the type of light, and then you have a quantity field on the loop screen - does that sound right? If that's the case, all you need to do is add a new screen with a summary field. It'll look something like this: 

    You'll set the summary screen to be the key field screen, and the summary field to be that quantity field. 

    Then publish and sync as usual. Here's what it will look like on mobile. 

    I've entered 20 as the quantity: 

    All 3 have the quantity of 20: 

    And when I proceed to the next screen, I have the total: 

    You can put whatever you want on that summary screen, it just can't be on the same screen as the things it's summarizing. 

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