Can I get around the reference data size limit?



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    HI Sara,

    Great question. There is a way to get around this.

    Reference data has a restriction of 1 MB as the file size. In order to get around this, you can utilize "user groups", which will ultimately allow the file to be up to 15 MB.

    1. Go to the account page and click "groups"

    2. On this page, create a group, and remember what you named that group, and add all or some users on your account to that group. In my example, I created two groups, "South" and "West" and assigned one user to each group. This grouping is based off of region. One employee is in the South region and one is in the West Region. The South employee doesn't need to see the items associated with the West region and vise-versa. 

    3. Open your reference data file, add a new column called "group" and under every single row under the group column, put the name of the group you created (remember, you are still limited to 15 columns with reference data, and the group column will use up one of the columns). In my example it is a list of products and the "group" is ultimately going to be the region.

    Once you have done this, when you re upload your reference data, it will ask you if you want to divide it into user groups. Check the box.


    Then select the "group" column


    This will allow the file to be up to 15 MB. If you don't actually need groups, you still will be required to make a group, but if you put every single value in your reference data under a single group, and put all users in that group, then you will work around the 1 MB file size limit and all users will still get all the data. 


    I would advise that if you are reaching the 1 MB limit, to try removing old values that are no longer needed, rather than appending the file to be larger. If the file becomes very large, it may increase the time needed to actually login to our app because the user has to download more data, and it may cause the app to run slow if the files become too large. 


    You can find more general information on user groups here as well as more on this specific community topic here

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