Need Better Way to Display Street, City and State Fields


I have separate fields in an app for street, street 1, city, state, and zip.

how can i make them appear together in a "standard" address format in the report?




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    Hi JB,


    Thanks for reaching out. There is not a way currently in our platform for multiple fields to be consolidated into one field at this time.

    That being said, we have a feature which works automatically when you have a "short text" field labeled "address" where if the user entered the entire address, it will search that address for you, and the field will automatically get a little arrow to the left of the field itself in the app, and if the user clicks on that button, it will open the maps app on their device to search the address in case they wanted to navigate to it. It's a great feature for dispatching a job's address to a user because they can click on the field to start navigation on their device while in our app. 

    What you could do however, if you are using the PDF designer tool and want multiple fields to look like one field, would be to put all the fields below each other on the PDF design. Then click into the individual fields to go into the element settings and you can turn off global settings for each field and turn off the field label button. That will hide the word "address" or "state" or "zip" and only show the actual value the user entered. Then it will basically look on the PDF like it is one field since it is close together in your design.

    You'll notice in my screenshot below I have 3 columns for all fields and shrunk the columns to be close to each other. 


    Since I turned off the field label for all fields and put all fields close together on the PDF itself, when you actually submit the work, the PDF will look like it was all one field. This will take some trial and error to get it right, but you can use the pdf preview at the top of the PDF designer and make minor adjustments, save, then preview, and repeat until it is to your liking. 

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