Screen Copy From One App To Another



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    Melissa Reitmeyer

    I agree Glenn...  I am have the same issue. This option would be extremely helpful. Majority of our apps require a standard corporate sign off and would love to be able to copy this into all new apps vs having to recreate it.  By manually reproducing each time, there is the risk of human error and lack or corporate form standardization.

    thanks for making this suggestion.  

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    Nathan Holmes

    This would be good.  It would also be cool if you could create some screens and some groups for screens that could be inserted all together.  Maybe the add screen button could bring a small modal window or drop down to allow you to choose if you want to make a new screen or use a screen (or group of screens) from your library.

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    CJ Friedman

    Agree. some type of screen templet same as for apps. we happen to have lots of apps with same or similar screens. and would be a great help

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    Sean Jacques Engelbrecht

    I have been thinking about this one too and especially relating to what Melissa mentioned about the human error and keeping things standard across all apps requiring the information from another one...... Let's hold thumbs, these Gocanvas guys are Totally Awesome if you just look back a year or two and realize where we have come from. 

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    Rob Worley

    We have a similar requirement where several screens of reasonable complexity (reference data, calculations, screen conditions and export field names) are common to two apps and are updated periodically. It'd be great to insert them together and retain the references between screens where possible. Perhaps another option behind the "Add Screen" button in the app designer?

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    Doug Borrowman

    This would also be helpful if there was a way to copy individual fields in addition to whole screens from one app to a different app. Along the lings of something like a "your fields" and "your screens" library where fields and wholes screens can be stored and then pulled from in creating future apps without having to start from scratch on those items again and risk mis-entering data. 

  • Thank you all for your awesome, detailed feedback! We will continue to monitor this post as it continues to accumulate votes and responses. 

    All the best,


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    Tracy Mason

    Please make this happen. I have a screen I have to have in several apps and it's a PAIN to do this particular one. It has to look exactly like it does on the actual paper. Thank you!

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    Mark Greenberg

    This would be such a helpful feature. Due to the complexity of our apps and the need to keep the databases of submission in tact, I normally have to create a duplicate app as a "test bed" to try things out before making wholesale changes in our main apps. Having the ability to copy screens from one app to another or the ability to create templates of screens to use in a variety of apps would keep me from having to reinvent the wheel each time I do a major update to our main apps. As others mentioned, this would certainly cut down on human error.


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    Joseph Cook

    My scenario is the same as Mark's - I have a copy of an app for developing/testing (and to reduce the number of submissions on a production app due to testing), and it would be nice to be able to copy the screen from my dev app to the production one.

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