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I think it would be a useful feature to be able to copy a screen from an existing App and paste it into a new App being created. For example you may have a screen set up for the same signatures that are required on each App, so it would be great to be able to copy just this screen and paste it into any new App. I understand that you can copy a complete App or make a template however, I think being able to copy and past just one screen would be handy.



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  • I agree Glenn...  I am have the same issue. This option would be extremely helpful. Majority of our apps require a standard corporate sign off and would love to be able to copy this into all new apps vs having to recreate it.  By manually reproducing each time, there is the risk of human error and lack or corporate form standardization.

    thanks for making this suggestion.  

  • This would be good.  It would also be cool if you could create some screens and some groups for screens that could be inserted all together.  Maybe the add screen button could bring a small modal window or drop down to allow you to choose if you want to make a new screen or use a screen (or group of screens) from your library.

  • Agree. some type of screen templet same as for apps. we happen to have lots of apps with same or similar screens. and would be a great help

  • I have been thinking about this one too and especially relating to what Melissa mentioned about the human error and keeping things standard across all apps requiring the information from another one...... Let's hold thumbs, these Gocanvas guys are Totally Awesome if you just look back a year or two and realize where we have come from. 

  • We have a similar requirement where several screens of reasonable complexity (reference data, calculations, screen conditions and export field names) are common to two apps and are updated periodically. It'd be great to insert them together and retain the references between screens where possible. Perhaps another option behind the "Add Screen" button in the app designer?

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  • This would also be helpful if there was a way to copy individual fields in addition to whole screens from one app to a different app. Along the lings of something like a "your fields" and "your screens" library where fields and wholes screens can be stored and then pulled from in creating future apps without having to start from scratch on those items again and risk mis-entering data. 

  • Thank you all for your awesome, detailed feedback! We will continue to monitor this post as it continues to accumulate votes and responses. 

    All the best,


  • Please make this happen. I have a screen I have to have in several apps and it's a PAIN to do this particular one. It has to look exactly like it does on the actual paper. Thank you!

  • This would be such a helpful feature. Due to the complexity of our apps and the need to keep the databases of submission in tact, I normally have to create a duplicate app as a "test bed" to try things out before making wholesale changes in our main apps. Having the ability to copy screens from one app to another or the ability to create templates of screens to use in a variety of apps would keep me from having to reinvent the wheel each time I do a major update to our main apps. As others mentioned, this would certainly cut down on human error.


  • My scenario is the same as Mark's - I have a copy of an app for developing/testing (and to reduce the number of submissions on a production app due to testing), and it would be nice to be able to copy the screen from my dev app to the production one.

  • I would love this... I am just now starting to use this program and have already run into realizing how helpful it would be to be able to copy one screen from one app and paste into another app... Would save time. 


  • Howdy Joseph, Mark, Tammie, and Tracy,

    Thank you each for taking the time to comment and upvote on this feature request! Items from the Community get reviewed on a regular basis. Making a comment and upvoting on feature requests ensures these items are recognized, so we appreciate the effort!

    Being able to copy fields/screens from one App to another App is one of our most highly requested features. We absolutely recognize the challenges that this feature would solve. I can assure you this feature is being actively considered by our Development teams (we're actually coming up on our roadmap planning in a few weeks).

  • HI, any update on this request?Thanks

  • Any update on this?  I am currently adding two new screens to all of our daily reports.  This is very time consuming and I could do them all in a couple of minutes if I had a copy function.

  • Howdy Mike and Veronica,

    Our Product Managers are working on improvements and planning updates to the App Builder. Part of their discussions is determining how best to implement the ability to save and re-use content across multiple Apps.

    As I understand it, the ability to copy fields/screens from one App to another is still in the early stages of planning, so we do not have a timeline on this functionality.

  • Hi Chip. commenting to keep this feature request active, thank you.

  • Chip - 

    Hi again, you replied earlier to my post about picking a good tablet and I really appreciate your dilligence in this forum.  We are new users, and we're NOT an IT department at all.  So as 1st time developers, we're still working things out in designing our apps.  To that end, being able to copy and paste would be great.  I see from this thread I'm not the first with that idea - is this going to roll in the short term do you think ?


  • Howdy John and Ryan,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment and check in on this Feature Request! 

    There is no estimated timeline on the functionality to copy fields/screens from one App to another App, but our Product Managers understand the hurdles this feature would solve and this request is shining brightly on their radar.

    We will be sure to share any major updates in this space, and I would advise following this post to receive email notifications when new comments/updates are added here.

    John, since you are a relatively new user, I wanted to make sure you had seen the Help Center topic detailing how fields and screens can be copied within a single App. I know this doesn't directly address the feature request, but it can save time when building apps.

  • The ability to copy an App or specific screens from one app to another would be a game changer.  I just realized that rather than creating 4 or 5 different apps for my new hire paperwork, I should have created ONE with multiple screens! Now it doesn't seem worth re-doing ALL of those fields. 

  • Any updates on this? Like others have said, it would be incredibly helpful and a MASSIVE timesaver. 

  • Hi all, any news on this feature being added?

  • Howdy Craig and Morgan,

    Thank you for checking in on this Feature Request! We still do not have an estimated timeline for this functionality, but I am continuing to share any comments and upvote counts with our Product managers.

    Once any updates are made available, I will be sure to reply here. That way, anyone who has commented on/followed this topic will receive a notification via email.

  • I agree, this would be a great feature to add and a time saver for building out apps

  • Hi John,

    We appreciate your continued interest in this feature. There is still no designated timeline for this feature release.
    We do have the ability to copy a form to make a new form. ( ). An idea is to create a template form of the screens you're continuously having to add to other forms. Once that is finalized you can make a copy, rename the template, and work off of those creating your new forms by adding screens before or after the template screens.
    I know for different use cases this workaround won't be the best option but hoping this can help as a workaround for now.
    Your Success Team,
    Hazel Kral
    Customer Engagement Manager
  • Adding support to this. The complete form templates are helpful in the case of creating brand new, first time set up, forms. However, this doesn't help when we we are editing existing forms, particularly when all existing forms need updates due to company process changes. In the case of updating all existing forms, we have to go in and make the changes manually each time, hopefully without missing a piece or forgetting a setting. This is time consuming and very open to errors. If we were to use a complete form template to do updates, we would end up creating brand new forms distinct from exiting forms. This creates duplication in our database of submissions and ends up with form submissions sorted into 2 separate areas (old form vs new form submissions). Not a great option for record keeping and data integrity. Please expedite this functionality.

  • Hi Doug,

    Thank you so much for the extra details on what exactly would be helpful for your team. If you haven't already please upvote this post as well! We will be sure to respond back here with any updates. 
    Hazel Kral
    Customer Engagement Manager
  • Having a template or being able to copy a page from one app to another would add a lot of value to GoCanvas.  We could really use this and have needed it for years now.  Right now it's a tedious process to copy a page from one app to another.  It's often hours of work (including testing) on something that would just make sense to include in GoCanvas.  I'm writing this to keep attention on this request from many users (and I'm sure many more who have not posted here).  


  • Hi Robert,

    Thanks for your post! I wanted to hop in here to let you know that creating a template is possible in GoCanvas! But it is currently only visible in our legacy Forms page UI. This functionality will be visible again very soon but in the meantime, creating templates is detailed in this article at the very end:

    And when you are ready to use the template, put the following URL into your web browser to access your Templates page. Please let me know if you run into any issues!

  • Hello Robert,

    The template feature is very handy! I think if you were able to apply a template to a current app (meaning that everything that was on the app would be erased and replaced with the template's screens) that would fix some of the screen copying issues. 


  • I have voted for several of these comments. We have eight forms we use for data collection while doing energy audits. When we want to move a screen from one category to another, we have to start over. A screen copy feature would be a great time saver.


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