What are my options for advanced loops on the pdf?


When I try to design my pdf, I get this message because I have an advanced loop: 

What are my options if I can't do it in the pdf designer?



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    Hi Amy,

    That's a great question. There are a couple of things you can do on your end, and one thing you can have us do on our end, depending on your flexibility with either the App itself or the PDF design. Here are your options: 

    1. You can use the Standard PDF instead of the PDF Designer. Here's how to make that switch: https://help.gocanvas.com/hc/en-us/articles/115006654807. There are, of course, limitations here, but you do have some control over some things, like: 

    • Force page breaks after certain screens or fields (set in the App Builder)
    • Image styles and sizes for photo fields and signatures (set in the App Builder)
    • Hiding screens and fields based on data entered (set in the App Builder)
    • Upload your logo (set in Account>Customize or from the App Detail page)
    • Enter the info that appears in the header (set in Account>Customize or from the App Detail page)
    • Adjust the font size (set from the App Detail page)
    • Decide if you show or hide conditional screens (set from the App Detail page)
    • Customize the lines that appear between screens (set from the App Detail page)

    2. Adjust your App so that it doesn't use an advanced loop. This will, of course, depend on the use case, but it's usually possible to either move things to the same screen or loop or have some conditional logic involved so help separate the loops. If you have a specific setup you'd like some advice on, definitely post it here and folks can weigh in. 

    3. If you can't avoid an advanced loop and the Standard PDF doesn't work for you, you can talk to our sales team about a Custom PDF. Learn more about that here: https://www.gocanvas.com/content/services or, if you're logged in, visit this page: https://www.gocanvas.com/pdf. 

  • For some strange reason, i cannot make that switch happen from designer to standard

  • Hi Sridhar, 

    That's interesting. What happens when you try to change your email option settings to the Standard PDF? 


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