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    Thanks for reaching out. While there's no setting to disallow a user from starting a new submission, we came up with a very effective work around to bar users from making submissions that don't come from a dispatch: 

    1- Create a new screen for the first screen of the app, and add a field (either short text or number) titled “Dispatcher Code” or “Password” or something similar. Decide on a password for your dispatcher to use to fill out this code. Then, go to the “More” menu, and uncheck the “mobile visible” box (you don’t want your users to see this) and make the field required so that they cannot proceed to the submission page without the value entered by the dispatcher. 

    2- You can also add some static text to this screen if you desire that says “please await dispatch" or something similar if you'd like, though it won't affect the form's functionality. 

    3- Add a screen condition to each subsequent screen based on this first field, and make the condition value equal to this code. This way, the following screens will only appear if the code is entered on the first screen. 

    4- Now, publish your app, and give it a test. You should not be able to enter anything on the first screen, or to progress to submit and unfinished submission.

    5- Then, try dispatching a submission. Be sure to include the dispatcher code in the field we created (and remember, this is case sensitive) – upon entering that information, and any other relevant information into the app, the dispatcher can send it out, and it will now be available to the user to fill out. 

    If you’re not super familiar with building conditions, here’s our help topic: 

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