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For the PDF document, is there a way for the multiple choice check box to display all options with the selected one checked off?


Option A

Option B        X

Option C        X

Option D




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    Hi Toby, 

    There's not really a way to do this using multiple choice unless the user were to check every single value, but there is a work-around involving a checkbox field. Make each of those choices (Option A, B, C, D, etc) a single checkbox field in the App Builder. Then on the PDF, create static text for all possible choices. Next to those, place the value from those fields (without labels - you will likely need to override the global settings to turn them off) next to the static text. 

    Here's what that looks like in the App Builder: 

    And in the PDF Designer:

    You may have to play with the vertical spacing on the checkboxes to get them to line up: 

    And here's the final product: 

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