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I'd like to see Go Canvas make a field that Automatically fills in the Day of the Week once a date is selected.  This may seem like a small idea, but it would save users one click for a simple formula!  Thanks for considering.  We love Canvas!!



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  • I have conversation with Tim (GoCanvas Tech team) about this. The needs for User (when fill in the form) and admin (when receiving Submission in PDF format) to see the DAY is important. 

    there are a couple suggestion I can think of :

    1. Provide date format with DAY in the DATE field itself. Currently available format is just with dd/mm/yyyy (in any order). Provide format with ddd or ddddd like we have in Excel will be easy fix for this issue.

    2. Enable DATE field to be used in reference. This more like a workaround, we still need to make reference data for e.g. the whole year to get the DAY for each date.

    Thank you,


  • this would help with Employee time off apps


  • Hey Bayu,

    Thanks for coming to the Community to share these ideas! I have updated the product team with your suggestions and continued interest in this functionality.


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