Folders within Folders



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    Doug Borrowman

    This would be very helpful to have especially when there are subcategories of apps. Up-voting this post. 

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    Siobhan Tabatabai

    I personally utilize an extensive hierarchical system to organize my files, so I definitely understand the desire to break down these files into sub-folders. Upvoting in support of this!

    Sometimes, when I come across a program that doesn't allow sub-folders, I "hack it" visually by faking sub-folder structures (Parent folder: Sub folder: Sub-sub folder, so on and so forth):  

    They don't have the same nested quality, which presents its own challenges. It's far from ideal, but in case it might help you in the meantime, I just thought I'd share.

    Thank you for sharing your feedback!

    All the best,

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    Anthony McGlin

    Agreed, this would be very helpful. Is there any plan to address this?

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    Keith Hetherington

    I'd also request that sub folders be an option.

    Working with a client who has multiple workstreams across multiple locations.

    Nesting the folders with independent Drop Box integration would be a game changer. 

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    Troi Coleman

    Thank you all for your contributions to this post. We have had some new and exciting developments to our folders feature. Check out this help article! Unfortunately, folders within folders is not currently available, but please continue to upvote this post letting our dev team know what features are most important to you, our customers!

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