Rich text in Static Text field

It would be cool if we could bold or underline a Static Text field. This would provide the ability to add instructions or mock section headers to a screen.



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  • Being able to use HTML tags for some custom inline formatting would be cool as well.

  • I would love to see this feature.  We have some assigned items that are mandatory to pass government inspections.  We have a popup box that says INSPECTION ITEM in all caps, but it would be nice if I could make that bold and red so that it wouldn't just blend in so much with the rest of the screen.

  • This looks to have been a popular request, I came here from my request for screen dividers. Any updates on this feature and or mine?

  • Hey Bret,

    I don't have any update on changing font attributes within the app experience and I know plenty of users that utilize static text to create section headers, including simply adding to spaces to the static text field to create deliberate visual space and separation. I can check on this update with the product team and see if they have any plans to allow this in the future.


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