Converting scanned image to string of numbers or characters



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    CJ Friedman

    Was also looking for such idea. we have products with barcodes, but the SKU # is just a part of the barcode (doesn't include the prefix) so when scanning it confuses and is not easy to tell on which product we talk about. if we can have a database of the barcode number with the SKU's and than convert it to the SKU # when scanning.   

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    Zack Zarlenga

    Image to text OCR would be great. Google Photos has this built in but we'd prefer our users not to have to go outside of Canvas to use OCR. We can also automate this on our end after we receive the picture but OCR on the device is preferred as it would give the user the opportunity to quickly check to see if the OCR worked correctly and redo the image capture if not.

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