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it would be nice if the email field that can be placed into the app builder when placing a filed condition on it.  This means that a separate email is going to be sent with the PDF submission, however, you do not have any options with this feature.

When I use this feature, I want a separate email to be sent, but I also want a different email subject line, email body...etc.  More features is needed when sending a separate email when using this feature in the app builder.



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  • Hi David,

    Following up here to make sure I understand - the idea is that you'd have a condition on an email field that would trigger a completely different email template that would go only to the email in that field. Does that sound right? I'd guess the use case here would be that that email might go to the customer, whereas the other one would go back to the office. 

    I was trying to figure out a way to get at a work around using Zapier, but I got a bit stuck. I'm going to see if anyone can make it work and I'll let you know if we figure something out. 

  • Well that was easy :)

    Using Zapier, there's actually a pretty easy way to make this happen. You can set up a Zap that takes your GoCanvas Submission and sends it through Gmail. 

    The first part is pretty straight forward - the trigger is a new Submission from GoCanvas. The Action looks like this: 

    Then you need to hook up to a Gmail account. Then you'll need to map the fields from the Submission to the email template, something like this: 

    You can add text around that link (the field you want to use is called Canvas PDF, and it will be a link to download the Submission). So you can change the messaging to what you want, and just want to make sure you include that link field. 

    Save and test!

    That should give you a work around, but I'll also make sure the Product team sees the original request. 

  • Zapier is not an option (extra money)


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