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It would be awesome to be able to update reference data from a Google Sheets file. No more saving and uploading files.. they would automatically update when the sheet changes. :)



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    Hey ya'll!

    We have an announcement straight from our product team! 

    Get your spreadsheets ready because our integration with Google Sheets is released! Admins and designers can now manage reference data by importing from Google Sheets instead of saving & uploading a .CSV file. Any account that has access to the out of the box integrations has access to use Google Sheets for reference data. 

    When new changes are made to a Sheets file, just click the re-sync button. So simple! Google Sheets reduces a few steps from the .CSV process and is an easier way to maintain your data. It also allows you to better collaborate within your organization! So often we hear that one person saves a file on his/her computer where no one else has access. If they use Google Sheets, multiple people can update data! 

    However, it's not a dynamic integration. The integration does not support sending data to Google Sheets; however, that is something you could configure using Zapier. 

    Please visit the Help Center to learn more about this Reference Data update and view step-by-step instructions for How to use Google Sheets with Reference Data

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  • Hi Danielle,

    As Nathan said, this is the same idea as the automatically syncing reference data request here: I'm going to close comments on this request and encourage everyone to head over there and upvote that request!


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