Allowing to customize Subject line for Work Flow(Hand Off) Email and Notification


If a user receives multiple hand offs then it will be difficult to keep track of what the hand offs are for. So it will be good if the email subject line can have submission number and other field values like final submission email. 



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    Hi Kirtan, 

    With our latest release (check out our notes here), you can now use Zapier in between Workflow Handoffs. You can set it up to send an email, and from there customize the subject line and include submission data in it. 

    This is what your trigger will look like: 

    And then you can set your action to be gmail (or another email service that Zapier connects to):

    As you can see, I've included the submission number in the subject line, and the email body can include any fields I choose (as well as plain text). 

  • I have an app without handoffs - I am wondering if it would be possible to send the email if the tech sends in a submission and has certain criteria.  For instance - if the tech has selected NEED QUOTE ASAP - EQUIPMENT IS DOWN! it would send an email to wherever we tell it with that included the subject line?  I am very new to Zapier and have tried this but if it is a thing I am missing something.


  • Hey Tara,

    You could do that without Zapier, actually. If your NEED QUOTE ASAP - EQUIPMENT IS DOWN! is a checkbox, you can set up a conditional Static Text Field that also says NEED QUOTE ASAP - EQUIPMENT IS DOWN that only shows when that checkbox is activated. Then you can place that Static Text Field into the email subject. It looks like this: 

    If you need to email it to someone, you'd set up a similar condition for an email field. If the person who needs to get emailed is going to change, then you'd want some reference data involved (something like this). 

    Does that seem like it would work for you? 


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