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There is currently an option to format number fields into currency with a dollar sign ($) but there is no option to format the field into a percentage with a percent sign (%). This is very useful for budgeting and inventory types of questions.



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  • Even a option to choose to enter a custom symbol, or text at the end of the input would be nice other than currency only. A custom option, with a text field to enter any post text you wanted. %, lbs, psi, °, w.c....ect.

    Idea for above comment...Percentages input I have done calculation fields hidden from mobile view that would multiply the input percentage for example 25 by .01, then use its result of .25 to calculate sales tax, ect... I use a similar formula hidden from the mobile, and PDF output, to automatically apply material markups to invoices so the techs don't make a mistake, give "buddy discounts", or the customer see the original price or markup rate. I even went as far to have markups for different amounts to automatically apply different rates for related dollar range. All is automated within Canvas.

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  • Also, putting the decimal field up top with the number options would be nice too. Seems silly to put the decimal format option on the bottom under the more tab. Would be better if the decimal setting was right below the number/currency option up top.

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  • agreed

  • Agreed as well.

  • agreed and it would be nice if it would do the math for percent also if you wanted it to. Example if you wanted to offer a 20% discount it would say we are offering this work at a 20% discount which would bring the total down to $800 and that's a savings of $200 to you.

  • Definitely agree! The only way we are getting this to work right now is by asking our users to enter the number as a decimal (.25 for 25%). Sometimes they forget though, so having the percentage option for a number would be VERY helpful!

  • This will get you the $ tax amount by just entering the actual percentage:




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