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    Jason Good

    We will continue to iterate on this feature for sure.  Putting a control on the web for our Admins to dictate whether this navigation button shows up or not is something we might do down the road.  But we wanted to hit a large majority of our customers who do need to travel to an "address" field.  Another thing we consider is adding complexity to the product by making features dependent upon an Admin to set them up or configure them.

    When we survey our mobile users about a third of the feedback is for functionality that already exists in our platform.  Admins just haven't set it up.  So that is another consideration for "mobile only" features.

    Great feedback!  Keep it coming and vote for any changes.

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    Sam Vandevelde

    I agree on this, the navigation-feature is awesome but it's a pity that it depends on the labelname.

    As I work in a Dutch-speaking company, the labels on our forms are spelled in Dutch.

    It would be great if we could activate this feature in a different way, for example by creating a specific field type or by creating a specific style for the textfield.

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    Nathan Holmes

    Agreed.  Even just an additional property on fields (like a checkbox or true / false radio button) that causes the system to interpret this field as a navigation field.

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    Anthony Desideri

    I mentioned this in another post and was directed here to up-vote this feature . I agree with having the option to be able to turn on/off the feature and not have it automatically show up but more importantly, Waze, Maps or Google Maps are not compliant with commercial vehicle routes (which is mind blowing that no one is accommodating commercial vehicles) but if the driver is un-aware of this it can possible cause a serious accident if used or at minimum severe fines and penalties if going onto a Commercial Vehicle Restricted highway. I know this has nothing to do with Go Canvas but the fact that this automatically shows up and other companies/drivers may be unaware of this could be quite troublesome and potentially life threatening. To work around this for now I might add a static text that reads for Local Use Only or have to change the fields to not say Address, Street, Etc.. so it does not show up at all..



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    Tracy Shepherd

    I would also like to have navigation options based upon google plus code being dispatched to the application.

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