PDF fields turn color when a specific selection is made




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    Eduardo Hernandez

    (first of all, i´m trully sorry about my english, is not my primary language)

    You can actually make something like what you wanted using multiple fields each with a condition.

    for example:

    - do a drop down field, call it what ever you want , then add a few choices

    - now make 3 new static fields (more or less, depending on how many choices you make on the drop down field)

    - then add a field condition on each of those fields, mirroring one of the choices on the drop down

    - then disable the option, mobile visible on each field

    - now, go to the PDF editor, make something nice, add few colors to make the pdf look nice, then add the statics fields in one single section.

    - then, use the background options on each field to make them look like what you need.




    if you did this, only one field will be visible on the pdf, making them easy to distinguish.

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    Nathan Holmes

    That would be cool.  Expanding the idea out, it would be nice to include multiple ways to do logic based / conditional formatting on PDF fields.  Change the font, replace text, format, picture, highlight, color, etc. based on the content of the field.

    Some examples:

    • If this field says "Y" in it, show "Yes" on the form.
    • If this field says "1" in it, show a green check mark icon on the form
    • If this field says "8885551212" in it , show "(888) 555-1212" on the form
    • If this field says "Home Office" in it, change the address at the top to match the home office address.
    • Etc.
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    Sean Jacques Engelbrecht

    I agree this will be a great way to get the customer focused and directed to the areas where there is a genuine concern especially with technical inspection results submitted (coloured amber/orange or red for awareness for an issue).

    I have a number of Technical inspections where I used drop down fields with a selection of 5 symptoms per inspection question and it worked great to use option 4 to indicate the symptom that shows there is concern with that specific component or 5 to indicate immediate attention is required. I never could translate it into a colour, but suddenly I became excited.......

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    David Nichols

    would this to just be a mobile feature or even a feature in the standard PDF, I don't have time to work with designer PDF (takes too much time)

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    Sean Jacques Engelbrecht

    Totally awesome Eduardo! Thanks Man you made my week and I had a good laugh because you explained it so well and I really had fun as I selected the answers and had it reflect in the colour I wanted on the Pdf. You're good Bro and I really appreciated this advice.

    There is a fair amount of additional work involved but if the value of seeing the colours and immediately evaluating the condition of the machine/component/equipment with a glance at the Pdf and it gives that much more value to the inspection/audit/appraisal/observation results it's all worth it.

    I copied the drop down question into a static text and selected this static text with the five options/answers each from the drop down to "Not be visible" on the mobile, but Always visible on the Pdf. I took the drop down question I copied into the static text and placed that into my Pdf and selected the original drop down question to Never be visible on the Pdf and only visible on the mobile - it's a total winner Eduardo, thanks again. Me very happy!!


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    David Nichols


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    Jason Good

    Fantastic Eduardo!  You rock!  

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