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My field guys have many paper documents (reports from 3rd party inspectors, one call tickets, permits, etc) that need to be scanned and attached to Field inspection reports. Please add a "scanner" field that will scan multiple pages to PDF and attach (with the ability to rename the document) [hopefully it would work something similar to the PDF scanning app we already use called "Scannable" by Evernote].



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    A possible work-around for this would be to use Scannable or a similar app, save the form as an image, and allow your users to use the image library to populate their photo field. 

    But I understand having that built in would be a time-saver, so I'll pass that along to the product team. 

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  • Even a document attachment option would be good (in addition to the image attachment option).

  • Any update on being able to attach pdf files instead of just image files?

  • Hi Reagan,

    This is currently not on our roadmap. That could always change (especially if this gets upvoted more), but for right now it's not being planned. I'll let you know if that changes. 



  • We do this workaround as well and the scan always ends up very blurry in the final GoCanvas PDF product - not sure why?! 

    If I email the same scanned jpeg directly from the camera roll, it prints just fine (not blurry), but when attached to the app it becomes blurry as an end result.  This causes issues with our submissions for reimbursement and ultimately hurts our AR/overhead. 

    I agree this feature is necessary!

  • Definitely NEED this feature.  It is enough to cause me to switch from Go Canvas to another source for our ticketing app.  Would love to be able to attach a multipage document into one of the fields.  As stated above the scanner app pics come out blurry.  


  • This is a needed feature, hoping GoCanvas will add this back to their roadmap soon. Attaching multipage pdfs with supporting information on forms would be very helpful.

  • We have a "work order" pdf from another app and it would be super helpful to be able to attach that pdf to an app from dispatch so when my employees open their dispatch they are able to click on the pdf and see the work order. 

  • Hi Ellen,

    Thank you for your feedback. Have you tried adding a link field to the form? In addition to the work around suggestion made above by Sara, you could create a direct link to the PDF for users to access. Check out this article. Let me know if this helps.

    Troi, Learning and Education Specialist


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