Conditional fields based on characters in a string


From Whit Floyd: 

I would like to see more capability with field conditions. I am trying to create an inspection check list. I would like to have field conditions that only ask a question when its necessary to inspect. The inspection is done based off a catalog number like "CYLVII9YTDXBXXXFGX". I would like the field condition to be meet when certain characters are present. In the catalog number above I would like the field condition to be meet when the 3rd character is an "L". I would see the logic for the field condition to look like this "_ _ L %". This would skip over the first 2 characters, look at the 3rd character and skip over any characters after the 3rd character. 



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  • A "Contains" condition would be great as well.  Much easier than trying to specify every possible way that a field might be filled out.

  • Howdy All!

    We've released the first part of "contains" for both Android and iOS. The new functionality includes the ability to do "contains," "starts with" and "ends with." The ability to do the opposite ("does not contain," etc.) will be coming soon as well.

    Release notes with further details can be found here.

  • Will contains support for Windows be coming soon?

  • Howdy Nathan,

    At this time, we don't have an ETA for the 'Contains' Conditions functionality for the Desktop Client. We are continuing to collect and provide feedback to our Development team for their consideration, so we would love to hear from other users who want to see 'Contains' Conditions for Windows!

  • Updating here to say that the opposites (does not contain, etc.) are now available. 


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