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From Bob Jesperson: 

Would really like to see the ability to have fields with color backgrounds.  On apps with lots of fields on one screen they can kinda all blend together visually.  If they could use color they could be much more visually appealing and easy to use.



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  • I would imagine this would have the appearance of most accounting/table-based software platforms where every other field had a light blue background. Could be useful, but if the screen is that boring/long in the app, it may be better to have more screens to break up the monotony. 

  • I agree with the previous post regarding backround colors and trying to differentiate fields.  The ability to edit text font, size, backround color etc. would improve app usability.

  • I disagree with editing fonts and colours. UX decisions should be made at a platform level, otherwise form designers will be making graphic UX choices and likely getting it wrong (a lot).

  • My employees will find my evaluation tool much easier to swiftly fill out with colored sections. 

    I've edited some font, text color, and background colors on my PDF and was wondering if there's any way to have that show up on the app. 


  • Hi Dean,

    As you probably already noticed (and hence why you've come to Feature Requests & Releases in the Community -- welcome!), there currently isn't a way to change fonts and colors in the App itself when filling out a submission. 

    I definitely understand wanting to break things up visually for ease-of-use when filling out a submission. Many users find that breaking things up using different screens for each section can help make Apps easier to follow -- just a suggestion to help you work around this in the meantime!

    I appreciate you sharing your feedback on how this feature could improve the way you and your team use GoCanvas. We will continue to monitor this post for more feedback and responses.

    Thank you,


  • I would also like to see some way to differentiate fields, but from the standpoint of users filling in the app.  Required fields put an * next to the required field, but if I could highlight or change the color, I think that would speed up entry when they miss the required field. If they have an error, the user would know to check the bright colored or highlighted fields.  I know if puts a red error message on the field, but our Security Guards always seem to miss those.


    Also, I took the advise and broke up one long app into 4 smaller sections/screens and it does help, but they still miss the required fields.

  • Hi Mike,

    What you're suggesting about highlighting required fields missed by the user filling out the Submission is interesting. It sounds like what you're describing is a more dynamic form of highlighting fields, and I'd love to hear if other users feel this could be useful to them as well! I encourage you to submit a separate feature request for this specific desired functionality, since the original post here describes something a bit different (highlighting fields by default, whereas they'd ideally only highlight reactively in your case).

    Thanks in advance!

  • At the very least, please change the default coloration.  Light blue text on a tan background doesn't pop well and can be difficult to read, especially for individuals with visual impairment.


  • Howdy Jay,

    Thank you for checking in on this Feature Request and sharing specific feedback! We do not have an estimated timeline for the functionality to affect the color of field backgrounds, but our Product team has been discussing discussing potential changes to the App Builder, including updates to the field settings.

    I have shared this feedback (and upvote counts) directly with our Product managers. They appreciate such detailed comments, as it helps with planning and prioritizing future releases!

  • Jay Holman @... would definitely love this as well


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