The ability to edit the columns included in the Grid view of a Loop

Currently the grid displays every column on the looped screen. That's good if you want to edit in the grid, but most of the time we would prefer to be able to choose the columns that are visible.

Also, the key/ID field column is fixed in place and Very wide - it makes the grid almost useless on a phone, and the view is even limited on an iPad.



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  • This would be outstanding and we have wanted this for a long time as well.  It would be great to choose which columns to present in the grid and the order to present them in.  Being able to choose a sort field for the order that rows show up in the grid would also be helpful.  I also agree on the auto-sizing of the columns (instead of fixed-sizing) to allow efficient use of screen real estate.

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  • I'd like to be able to sort the list by a selected field. I have an app that sends a PDF to my warehouse, and it would be much more efficient if that list was sorted by bin location. 

  • It seems that there is a maximum of 20 visible fields on a loop screen.  It would be good to be able to configure that via the app builder, or possibly set it to include all fields on a loop screen if needed, or at least raise it to a higher number.... especially when the desired columns can't be chosen.

  • Rich Risinger from our company has also made a similar request recently. From all of us at Lee Specialties; Please and Thank You


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