Using reference data like conditions so you can compare data

From Mike Goodman:

We need reference data to work like Field Conditions so you can use and/or to compare multiple columns in the reference data.  Using reference data works great to show a list of all of the blue widgets but if you need to see all of the round, blue widgets, you can't do is without creating multiple reference data files and making it very complicated. 



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  • We do some of this by using loop screens and referring to the same reference data on the parent and child screens and just looking at one column based on the value of another column.  (For instance, look at column 1 on the parent screen and then have the child screen look at column 2 of the same file but with the parent screen's reference field).... but it would be very nice if you could use multiple conditions against a single reference data file to shrink the choices (i.e. using categories, types, etc) without having to have a loop screen involved.


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