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I know you already support the ability to attach an additional document to your submission emails. The limitation to this is that the same document is attached every single time. The mobile user has no control over it.

This would be the ability for mobile users to choose various documents to attach to the same email the submission PDF is attached to. Documents would be uploaded via the Canvas website by an Admin similar to how reference data files or reference images are uploaded. Mobile users would then see the items listed on their mobile device and could select the ones they want to attach.




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  • This would be a super feature to have. Our sales team need to attach contract specific information with their submission in the form of a PDF. Right now they have to send it separately in an email which breaks our GoCanvas-centric process.

  • This is definitely something that I would like to see, as well.  I don't know how the technical side of things would work, but I am envisioning something like "reference attachments," similar to reference data.  I have a need for different documents to be attached to a submission, based on a selection made within the app by the user.  For example, let's say that we have 4 different products and each has different specifications, and I want to make sure each customer receives the appropriate specifications when the product is delivered.  When the driver completes the delivery app and selects the appropriate product number that was delivered, that would prompt the attachment of the corresponding specification document to the submission. 

    It's great to hear that this is on the road map for this year.  Is there anywhere specific, other than this forum, where I should make the suggestion, just to add support to the idea?  Thanks!

  • Hi Jack,

    You've come to the right place! Upvote this topic (and encourage other folks who would benefit from the feature to do so as well - anyone with a GoCanvas account can login and vote).

    I'll keep updating here when I know more about the when and how of this feature. I also want to stress that the roadmap isn't set in stone, so it might change (and if it does, I'll post that here, too). 

  • It would be a great feature if a report submission could allow for attaching a pdf file (or other) similar to the way a photo can be uploaded from a gallery file.  



  • This is very upsetting to hear that it’s not on the roadmap anymore. Being able to attach a file is as important as a photo, when you have a file with multiple pages taking numerous photos is not practical

  • We would really like to add a place to be able to attach a daily ticket along with the submitted field ticket on GoCanvas.  This feature would really help our guys communicate with the office personnel.  Also need a better way to be able to edit a ticket.  

  • The ability to attach a document to the submissions is something we are interested in as well.  We are hoping that this is a topic that comes back to your roadmap!    We could really use that type of functionality to enhance our experience. 

  • We would like to see the ability for the user to upload any file from their device, including Excel, Word, etc.  I understand that these could not be included in the submission PDF.  The files could be attached or linked in the email.  The file should also be able to be downloaded with the API.

  • Agree. this is being requested for years now. this will make a big difference 

  • Ok great, thanks.  I upvoted!

  • We would use the document upload functionality for multiple forms as well. Some of our workflows require a scanned copy of a legal document (rather than just an ad hoc photo). We store documents in OneDrive for this purpose. The workaround is for a user to put a "share" link to the OneDrive file in a GoCanvas field. However, being able to attach documents would significantly shorten this process and make it more user-friendly.

  • An update here: this is currently on the 2018 roadmap. That could change, but for right now, it's looking good!

    Update: Clearly this did not get implemented in 2018 and is not currently on the roadmap. Will update here if that changes.

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  • Hazel Kral this isn't the same as the other post you closed, this has to do with attachments included with submission emails.  The closed post was regarding attaching documents within submissions that could be reviewed in workflow (or that was how I read it.)  We would like our sales team to be able to attach documents other than photos to be reviewed during a workflow process.

  • Thank you for checking in on this Feature Request and taking the time to leave comments. Being able to attach several document types and an attachment library are functions our Product team has discussed since the last response on this post. But with COVID-19 affecting all businesses, we have been regularly re-evaluating and re-prioritizing as we learn more each day. 

    We do not have a timeline for this functionality, but we really appreciate the detailed use cases that have been shared so far. Sara and I have been providing this feedback (and upvote counts) directly to the Product managers for their consideration, and they would love to hear specifics on how this functionality would save time and remove hurdles for your teams.

  • Hey Joseph!

    Thank you so much for reaching out! I am Troi, one of the Education and Learning Specialists. We based our response on the initial post and a different perspective. However, we appreciate you taking the time to explain this feature request.

    We will be reopening comments to the new post regarding workflow uploads, so that upvotes may continue for this feature consideration. In the meantime, we will have your CSM reach out to you to discuss your need and possible work around solutions.

  • Hi, I was wondering how this feature was progressing. 

    We are currently attempting to migrate what we can to GoCanvas.  This is a roadblock for us as some of our forms are very much done from the desktop experience for office staff and require attachments, including but not limited to, certificates, maps & permit pdfs, and reports from Excel. 

    These need to be readable when attached to the PDF which when added to a form as a jpeg or like format automatically resizes to fit.  I have examples I can share directly with GoCanvas if needed.

  • Hi Tamara,

    Thank you for your continued interest in this feature. Our team knows this is an important feature request for our users. Unfortunately at this time, there is no new information in relation to this feature. We will be sure to update here should there be any updates.

    Upvotes on posts help our team to influence their decisions on roadmap so please be sure to upvote this post if you think this would be valuable to your team!


    Hazel Kral
    Sr. Customer Engagement Manager

  • Is there any update on this? This is a most requested item from my team. 

  • Howdy All,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment and upvote this Feature Request! At this time, ability for mobile users to choose various documents to attach to the submission email PDF is no longer on the roadmap for upcoming releases. We do recognize the challenges that this feature would solve and will continue to review this request during our roadmapping process.


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