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    Since the reference data is uploaded into GoCanvas as a database, it should be update-able within GoCanvas as submissions occur without the need to utilize other third party apps.  In the App, we currently have to select the + to add an item to a field that is not in the reference data, i.e. new customer or product, which would be the trigger to add a new row in the reference data database.  To solve for updating existing records, the app could lock fields that are populated from the reference data based on the "Reference Field" and if changes are needed to those fields give the user the option to "Update" the field information or "Create New" that would add an identical row of duplicate data and allow the user to make changes to any of the fields until the record is submitted.  The need to review our daily transmissions to identify new records and then data enter that information into the reference data files and then upload that information into the app is significantly impacting productivity savings.  

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    Sara Kaplow, Community Manager

    We do have a paid feature called Dynamic Reference data, which gives you the ability to update your Reference Data with information entered in a previous Submission. 

    This is a feature that is currently available through our Professional Services team. They’ll be able to give you a quote specific to your needs and configuration, but here are some general guidelines:

    • Professional Plan and above only
    • Monthly costs (including maintenance and hosting) are typically around $250

    This is currently through Professional Services but is definitely something we're exploring incorporating into the core of the product. Thanks for the feedback!

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