Additional photo drawing features

From Dan Trantham:

We really like the ability to draw on photos...but it would be nice to be able to 1) make the pencil width wider, and 2) type text on the photos. 




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  • From Astrid Fremstad Bergen: 

    I really miss the ability to draw perfect squares and arrows, and type text on the images.

  • From Eugene Slesarev; 

    I would also be useful to have an option of adding text from a dropdown list in addition to typing the text.

  • Can't this already be done from your iphone before it's uploaded to your form?  It's one of the things that photo button is for.


  • The tools available to “draw” on a photo are lacking. I need defined arrows, circles, and other pre-formatted annotation tools. Look at what the app Skitch offers and you’ll know what I mean. The freehand pencil tool is nice, but does not convey the professionalism I wish to impute from the use of Canvas. It just looks amateurish to scribble a circle onto a photo, especially in contrast to the professional PDF it accompanies. Thanks.

  • The ability to simply draw shapes and lines on a photo within the app would benefit our team substantially. The app's free draw tool is not developed enough for professional use. (The ability to select a thicker line weight is necessary also)

  • I agree the ability to edit photos on the fly (say highlight area of photo within the app  with defined arrow or  rectangle with thick line) is lacking.

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  • Howdy Paul,

    Thank you for checking in on this Feature Request and for sharing additional feedback!

    We do not have an estimated timeline for expansion of the drawing tools for Photo fields. However, our Product team has been discussing potential changes to the App Builder, including updates to existing field types.

    I have shared this feedback directly with our Product managers. They appreciate detailed comments (and upvotes), as it helps with planning and prioritizing future releases!

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  • Afternoon.
    Following this thread.
    Are we any nearer to having this functionality on the App ?
    iAuditor has this ability and I require it for my surveyors to annotate photos for planners.

  • Hi Craig,

    We have received several promising updates from the product team that this is on the roadmap. Although I cannot promise dates, it is something that product has planned to include in the platform. I will be sure to revisit this post when I have more concrete details. Thanks for your continued interest and support of this request, that support directly impacts what we add to the product!


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