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    Jason Good

    We are researching this functionality right now.  We hope to add it later this year.  But keep the votes coming!

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    Sara Kaplow, Community Manager

    From Astrid Fremstad Bergen: 

    I really miss the ability to draw perfect squares and arrows, and type text on the images.

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    Sara Kaplow, Community Manager

    From Eugene Slesarev; 

    I would also be useful to have an option of adding text from a dropdown list in addition to typing the text.

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    Schmidt Painting

    Can't this already be done from your iphone before it's uploaded to your form?  It's one of the things that photo button is for.


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    Chad Sutton

    The tools available to “draw” on a photo are lacking. I need defined arrows, circles, and other pre-formatted annotation tools. Look at what the app Skitch offers and you’ll know what I mean. The freehand pencil tool is nice, but does not convey the professionalism I wish to impute from the use of Canvas. It just looks amateurish to scribble a circle onto a photo, especially in contrast to the professional PDF it accompanies. Thanks.

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    santo tripodi

    The ability to simply draw shapes and lines on a photo within the app would benefit our team substantially. The app's free draw tool is not developed enough for professional use. (The ability to select a thicker line weight is necessary also)

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